Jeffrey Gavett

Baritone, composer, conductor

Member of experimental ensemble loadbang, director of Ekmeles Vocal Ensemble, conductor, composer, choral and church musician, Jeffrey is known for his engaging and expressive performances of New Music, as well as masterpieces of the past.
Jeffrey Gavett's photo

Photo by Jonathan Nesteruk

The Future


See you soon, fingers crossed!

Recent happenings


Jeffrey is grateful for what remote and safe work he's been able to do in the past year

loadbang on tour

loadbang heads to Michigan and the UK

Roomful of Teeth

Jeffrey joins RoT for shows at the Guggenheim this December.


Ekmeles's first solo CD celebrated with a CD release January 11!

Hannah Lash

loadbang performs a theatrical work with the composer at the harp at Yale.

Resonant Bodies

Jeffrey conducts for Jane Sheldon on the first night of RBF.

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