Jeffrey Gavett

Baritone, composer, conductor

Director of Ekmeles Vocal Ensemble, conductor, composer, member of loadbang 2008-2022, choral and church musician, Jeffrey is known for his engaging and expressive performances of New Music, as well as masterpieces of the past.
Jeffrey Gavett's photo

Photo by Jonathan Nesteruk

2021-2022 highlights

loadbang - plays well with others

September CD release with string orchestra

Experiments in Opera

October performance of Rainbird with EIO at Roulette

Ekmeles sings John Luther Adams

October performance Vesper at the Winter Garden

Ekmeles in person

November shows in NYC and Bowling Green

Ekmeles at University of Chicago

Jan 22 performance of new works with Sandbox Percussion


Annie Dorsen's algorithmic theater work returns, shows in Minneapolis and Columbus, January-Feb 2022.

loadbang February

Premieres with 113 collective, visits to Shenandoah and George Washington Universities.


loadbang and Ekmeles in the southwest March into April, UNM Robb Composer Symposium.

loadbang Iranian Female Composers Association

loadbang performs premieres by IFCA at Tufts in May

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